A year-long journey begins. Join me.

Education. When it’s working, it shapes hearts and minds and sets productive lives in motion. When it isn’t, well, we know what happens. Every day, we hear about the challenges holding educators back – budget shortfalls, social ills, unclear policy priorities, technology inequity and countless others.  It can be difficult to have hope for the future of education.

But I am fortunate. I get to meet and work with the most amazing people in the world of education: teachers, policy-makers, researchers, parents and students. These people are true leaders, making meaningful changes in their communities to ensure a bright future for young people.  Yet for the most part, they are no different than you or me. They go to work each day, and they face their own unique challenges. This is their blog.

Throughout 2012, I hope to illuminate the everyday heroes who work to improve education. I have chosen 365 of these advocates for education to give us a glimpse into their worlds. What inspires them, what frustrates them, what hopes do they hold for the future of education?

While their challenges may be local, it’s very likely that their solutions have global importance.  What works in one school in Bangkok could also work in a tiny classroom in sub-Saharan Africa.  And our aspirations for our kids are the same, no matter where we live.  Parents, teachers, and administrators – we all want our kids to succeed. What’s more, in the connected world we live in today, no educator needs to work in isolation. Collectively, we can share what is working, talk about it, and help lead the way to a better future for our children.

When we improve education, we improve families. When we improve families, we improve communities. And when we improve communities, we improve the world.

I hope you’ll join me in learning from these 365 heroes, these 365 voices in education. Throughout this journey, I’ll be asking for your ideas and stories, and I’ll be looking at your comments.

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15 Responses to A year-long journey begins. Join me.

  1. Christine says:

    i can’t wait to follow along the journey!

  2. Saadet Roach says:

    This platform will be a great tool to share and learn. Thank you.

  3. annefl says:

    I’m following THE man who not only teaches…but inspires and promotes the leaders of our society to really achieve results…so relevant!!!!!!!!

  4. Svetlana Litvinova says:

    Мені приємно відчувати, що справа, яку я роблю кожний день – впроваджую інформаційно-комунікаційні технології в освіту, має великий резонанс в усьому світі. Ми разом зробимо стрибок у майбутнє – освіта докорінно зміниться! 365 ідей інноваційного розвитку освіти найвидатніша ідея!! Браво Ентоні Салсіто!

  5. Canute Thompson says:

    Hi Anthony:

    I trust you are well.

    I was featured on your Daily Edventures some time ago (March 2012 I think) and introduced the concept of Leadership Re-Imagination. I have now published a book on the subject and wonder if you would wish to feature the book.



    • admin says:

      Hi Canute,

      Thank you for the update! We would be happy to promote your new book and the additional work you have been doing in education. Looking forward to continuing the conversation.

  6. omnia says:

    that is very good page and i wish that every one benefit from it

  7. This is a wonderful initiative ! I am a high school student from India. I am managing a Non Profit called Project DigiKnowledge, where we focus on bringing about a change in how we learn from others. The journey that you are undertaking is amazing. Congrats !!

  8. Kawthar says:


    I teach English in Tunisia, and I’m interested in joining your blog but I don’t know how. Any tip? Thanks

  9. Victoria Kisarale Serunkuuma says:

    I was awed by Lisa Newland’s Presentation in the Global Forum
    Lisa Newland:
    1. Had information on her fingertips which simply flowed. Where necessary she would back it up- with evidence but without overwhelming the audience.
    2. Was aware of the kind of audience she was presenting to (heads of Schools). She therefore used information to make them think; question and challenge the status-quo of what they know and/or believe in.
    3. Used slides which had pictures. This is normal but hers “were dotted” with very few well-chosen words that blended with the pictures to give a wealth of meaning to the audience.
    4. Her gestures, posture, movement and even dress code- were calculated to enable the audience move in tandem with the thought provoking presentations that she made!

  10. Forums and your channel and all your works great and I am very pleased that the teacher’s creative contest for this year and I’d felt very Houdrtk in draft for the Arab community, who suffer poor literacy

  11. I love your project and I would like to join you because I love sharing my projects and everything I do with and for my students ( 15-18+ in a French high school)

  12. I love the discussion and learn everyday

  13. Felix T. Bunagan says:

    Hello! I’m one of the participants in the Global Forum 2011 in Washington D.C. My project title is FUN with Newton. How can I join your blog? 🙂

  14. Jen says:


    I LOVE your mission to bring innovation and technology in the classroom to engage students! It’s impressive the number of resources you’re able to give teachers with Daily Edventures! As a nanny and past education worker, it’s also a passion of mine to make learning as exciting and real-word relevant as possible.

    And to that end, I’m also working on a side project called Adventures in Discovery that connects education, technology, and travel, my other love. I’ll be creating interactive curriculum about ecology, culture, and sustainability in Costa Rica to be paired with live Skype sessions in-country. Each day I’ll Skype in from locations across Costa Rica that brings to life what the students just learned and allow them to interact with the guides/experts/locations in real time.

    The program launches in March and the Kickstarter is currently live, ending Jan 9. Attached is a press release which has more information.

    I’d love to get word out about Adventures in Discovery not only for program launch but as a part of the movement to shake up conventional classroom methods. If you’d like to spotlight the program as a part of your blog I’d be incredibly appreciative!

    Thank you for your time and I hope you have an incredible Christmas season!


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