We are limited by ‘regulatory framework.’ Because of the system, we do not discover great talents

Isabel Solana,Math teacher and Manager EBI Project, has education in her blood. “By family tradition, I have all my life been linked one way or another to the world of education,” says Solana. “My parents had a college where I was educated and had the opportunity to take my first professional steps. No doubt the person who influenced me most was my mother. Her dedication and commitment to others made her a beloved and respected person. Her departure marked me and made me aware of how you can become part of the lives of other people doing what you love. That continues inspiring me in my everyday life.”

Today, Solana leads the Educacion Basica Interactiva (EBI) in Madrid. EBI promotes individual learning. Students work with teachers to develop a curriculum made up of area plans and subjects that are given to students in form of personalized guides.  They also utilize cooperative work to develop teamwork and solidarity among students.

Technology is an underpinning of everything EBI does, and Solana is a strong proponent of access to information technology and communications for all students.

Even with her innovative role in the world of education, Solana believes there is still much that must be changed. “I would change the evaluation system and criteria for
,” notes Solana. “I believe that some schools fail due to this. As a consequence, we are not able to find the appropriate diagnosis for each student, and we cannot adjust their work plan to their capacity and/or their social and family situation. We are limited today by ‘regulatory framework.’ Because of the system, we do not discover great talents, I’m convinced about that.”

What do you think? What would you change about education if you could?
About Isabel Solana:
I define myself as restless and passionate about education, close to the problems of people around me and always willing to help with whatever I can do. I like learning from anyone who can bring something different. I enjoy working with young people, with families and teachers and sharing views and experiences on issues that concern us all. I consider
myself sensitive to the suffering of others and I like to think that with my work and dedication I could do something to make things better. I like traveling and learning about other cultures and ways of life, reading, music, nature and really enjoy the time I spend with family and friends.
Website I check every day: http://es.noticias.yahoo.com
Favorite childhood memory: On vacation with my family.
Next travel destination (work or pleasure): Africa (pleasure).
Favorite book: The last one I read was “Dime quien soy” by Julia Navarro.

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