This Week's Preview

Week of January 16

This week, we’ll be exploring innovation from the perspective of heroes who work with governments and international organizations. They see the challenges we face in education from a different lens, and have some interesting views on how and why we can make a difference.

Today, we will hear from Michael Fullan, and international leader on educational change (Canada). We’ll also hear from  Joe Lemaron, project manager for the British Council(Kenya), Kagan Kalinyazgan, CEO, Yuce Schools and Educational Software Creator, and discover a great example about how to teach the importance of water.

Leonardo Garnier, Minister of Education (Costa Rica), Bruce Dixon, President at the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (Canada) and finally, Colin Horak, a veteran teacher in Tacoma, WA (USA) who is leading an innovative anti-bullying campaign, will also be promoted.

I am looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts. Please join me and learn about each of these unique voices this week!

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