Singing and Dancing for a Cause

Flash mobs and water conservation are an unlikely pairing, but for Pernille Reenberg, Teacher and IT Advisor, nothing makes more sense than getting students excited through music, movement and technology.

Describe the most inspiring day you’ve experienced as an educator.

The most inspiring days were in November and December of 2011 in connection with the work on our music video “Water accepts no border“! It was a fantastic working partnership we had — the class, a few colleagues and myself. We worked together towards a common goal that we were all totally excited about. The project focuses on water as an important resource, and as a condition for life.

We showed the dance as a flash mob at our school just before Christmas break, and my big dream is to get as many students as possible at our school, at other schools in Denmark, and at schools in other countries to dance our dance, record it on video and send it to me.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

I’m most recognized for integrating IT in all my subjects (except needlework!). In mathematics, I have gotten students interested in geometry by including SMART Notebook and screencasts.

The process was very educational for the students. They thought it was a funny way to learn geometry. In class we went through the individual screencasts on the SMART board and talked about what was really good and about the things that were misunderstood. Some of the students truly were “Friday geeks.” They worked at the school’s learning center until late Friday afternoon and spent many happy hours with geometry and computers.

In science class and in art class, we worked on a water conservation Photostory project and in music class, I have included the smart board as students´ interactive tool.

What is your greatest hope for the future of education?

I hope all children will be involved in working to deliver a planet that is in a better condition than it was when they took over – they gain insight and learn to take care of people, animals and environment.

And you, do you have other examples of great ways to promote ecology for kids?


About Pernille Reenberg

Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark
Current residence: Copenhagen, Denmark
Education: Computer programming and systems planning
Person who inspires me most: My colleague, Tom, who is always ahead of trends
Favorite childhood memory:  Holidays with my grandmother and grandfather
Next travel destination (work or pleasure):  My favorite destinations are Sweden and the USA. This summer I’m going to the very beautiful Söderåsens National Park in
southwest Sweden on a hike with a friend.
Favorite books: “Will Choose Reality” (freely translated) by Lars Wiberg (non-fiction). I also love Swedish crime novels, including those by Henning Mankell, one of my favorite authors.  I’ve read all his books about the policeman Kurt Wallander. One of the best is “One Step Behind”.
Websites I check every day:, and Facebook

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