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Students should no longer be in the “audience,” they have to perform their own learning process.

How do you get students excited about the past, when you are  competing with video games, music and pop culture? Marcus Vinicus Leite turned to a technology of the past for help – the radio. “Radio História” is Leite’s approach to … Continue reading

'Founder and CEO Critical Link

Revolutionizing Education in Emerging Markets

In the worlds of business, politics and economics, emerging markets are seen as key drivers of world trade, global stability, and economic growth – not to mention investment. For Joao Carreira, they represent not only a business opportunity, but also … Continue reading

This Week's Preview

Week of February 27

This week, I’m looking forward to sharing the story of Imagine Cup winner Zbynek Poulicek , an exciting young entrepreneur from Czech Republic who started his own company (providing support for disaster victims) while still a student. We’ll also talk … Continue reading

Using robots to build creativity

Robots in the classroom. It may seem like an odd concept at first. How would a robot help kids learn? To Katarina Veljkovic, it seemed simple: kids like robots. Why not use the creation of a LEGO NXT robot as … Continue reading

Technology itself is not an innovation in education. Innovation is in how we use that technology to build skills in our pupils

Lourdes Diaz was having problems getting her students interested in learning. It seemed to her they were speaking a different language. That all changed with project Entre Pares, which gave Diaz and her students the opportunity to design a learning … Continue reading

“Effective development of ICT in the classroom will be only possible if there is a real collaboration”

Pascal Faure is proud to have been part of a successful collaboration with the French education system. The results of this collaboration – an education portal – benefit students and teachers there every day. More than 200,000 students and 20,000 teachers … Continue reading

Collaboration Amongst the Youngest Students

Patrick McLaughlin believes in collaboration, and puts his beliefs into action. His students at Terry Fox Elementary in Bathurst, Canada, are experts at global collaboration – they partner on a regular basis with students in the Netherlands. With McLaughlin’s guidance, … Continue reading

Women in Technology: Insight from A Young Game Designer

Meeting the President of the United States is a pretty big deal. Imagine meeting him at 11-years old. “I was really nervous, but it was really exciting,” says Hannah Wyman, the 11-year-old computer game designer who won the grand prize … Continue reading

Technology is Not a Silver Bullet

Deirdre Butler’s passion in life is exploring what being digital in learning can mean. This means finding new ways for digital technology to revolutionize learning — by challenging us to examine how we learn and to question our assumptions about … Continue reading

Celebrating International Mother Language Day (February 21) – USA

International Mother Language Day was created in 1999 when the United Nations General Assembly called on members to “promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world.”  When languages fade, the UN says, “so does the … Continue reading

As long as standardization is the goal, innovation won’t happen

As a social studies teacher in Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy, a partnership with the Franklin Institute with a focus on science, technology, mathematics and entrepreneurship, Diana Laufenberg works hard to ensure her high-school students create their own learning experiences. And she … Continue reading

Making School Personal

Dan Buckley wants to make school personal, an approach that requires a somewhat radical shift in thinking. “We are blinded by custom and old limitations,” Buckley says. “No corporation or democratic government would ignore its customers. And yet, that is … Continue reading

Using technology to communicate, collaborate and understand other cultures

Eva Brown is in her 33rd year of teaching, but she’s quick to point out that she’s still very much a student. Recognized as one of Microsoft Partners in Learning Canada’s Innovative Educators and recently certified as a Flat Classroom … Continue reading

Innovating to Combat Illiteracy – Guatemala

José Antonio Huertas Izaguirre is helping to transform education in Guatemala, no small feat in a country where the illiteracy rate hovers around 30 percent. Recognized with a Teacher’s Choice Award at the Latin America Innovative Teachers Partners in Learning … Continue reading

Without Vocation There is No Chemistry of Teaching

“Education, in my opinion, is the great equalizer,” says Kelli Etheredge. “My parents didn’t have college degrees, but my mom encouraged my dreams of college and beyond. I went to college and on to law school. After I practiced law … Continue reading

An Ingenious Solution to Transforming Collaboration in Classrooms – Chile

Miguel Nussbaum has been working to transform the classroom experience with the support of technology since 1995. Early on, he saw the potential for interactive gaming in the classroom, using a Nintendo Game Boy to introduce 1:1 and games in … Continue reading

Daily Edventures Update

It’s been a little more than a month since the launch of Daily Edventures, and I’m happy to report that every day, we’re sharing new perspectives on education from around the globe. So far, we’ve heard from leading thinkers in … Continue reading

“The students should solve problems and create things that really matter – matter to them and matter to the real world,”

  “Innovation is not only a word, it has to be a way of thinking and should be present in every aspect of education. It has to be internalized,” says Jutta Schneider. “In my mind, every school should have the … Continue reading

This Week's Preview

Week of February 13

Coming up this week, we will talk to teachers and education advocates from Germany, the US and Chile, just to name a few. Jutta Schneider and Kelli Etheredge are teachers who are making a difference in their classrooms, schools and communities through innovative … Continue reading

Education is the Foundation to Other Solutions

Vinny Jeet Lohan is the CEO and leader of two start-ups, OneBeep and OneBuzz.  But these are not your typical technology start-ups.