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Narine Baghdasaryan has learned to be creative in finding ways to communicate with her students. Her project, “Blog as a learning environment: Knowledge tests of different disciplines,” which was awarded first prize in last year’s Partners in Learning European Forum, represents a solution to many teaching challenges. In creating a blog as a means to reach her students, she accomplished multiple objectives. We asked her about the project, and what her approach has accomplished.

What were your objectives in creating a new collaboration tool?

The objectives of the project were to raise the interest of other teachers in technology and the Internet, to encourage cooperation among teachers, to save teachers time with the help of computer-based tests, to raise pupils’ interest in incomprehensible subjects by using ICT, and to check the degree of knowledge mastery with the help of PC.

How does it work?

In this project, the teacher’s blog is presented as a school-teacher-pupil-parent link and environment for the discussion of different educational problems. My blog serves several purposes: communicating with my students outside of the classroom, publishing the students’ work, and serving as a resource for both students and teachers. Pupils’ best work, knowledge tests in different subjects and test results are also placed on the blog.  The tests are the result of different subject teachers’ cooperation and are available for all the school’s teachers.  These tests allow teachers to check many pupils’ knowledge in a short time. The teacher sees each result on the screen by Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection program. Tests and their results are then placed on the blog, enabling parents to be informed about their children’s progress.

What has changed in your school as a result of your efforts?

Teachers widely began to use more new methods and technologies in all activities in their classroom, noticing that it helps them in their work. There are written tasks included in the school curriculum which are obligatory after covering certain topics. These written tasks are always being checked by teachers, which takes quite a long time and great effort. Test preparation with computers helps the teacher to save time. The teachers now understand that life is changing and if they don’t follow the innovation and new methods, the students will lose interest in their subject.

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome to ensure students are receiving a quality education?

The biggest obstacle is the lack of necessary equipment.

What is your country doing right to support education?

In my country, schools are gradually being equipped with computers, Internet access and material-technical base. For teachers, there are a lot of training courses, which are helping them to improve their professional knowledge by using modern technology.  

What conditions must change in your country to better support education?

The establishment of modern laboratories will improve the quality of education in schools. And having high-speed Internet connection in schools will help both teachers and students
to use online resources, libraries, and virtual laboratories.

What advice would you give a new teacher?

My advice to new teachers is to improve their knowledge, to cooperate with other teachers, to share thoughts, ideas, experience, success and failures. When we are not satisfied with the old, we look for the new. In my opinion, great changes in education accrue when it becomes an overall demand.

If you could give one educational tool to every child in the world, what would it be?

A laptop.


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About Narine Baghdasaryan

Narine Baghdasaryan has been teaching and training other teachers since 2002. Since 2009, she has been working in the Evrika special school as an ICT teacher.  In addition to winning first prize in the category “Innovation in Challenging Contexts” at the 2011 Microsoft Partners in Learning European Forum in Moscow, Baghdasaryan was awarded a Diploma by the Armenian Republic Minster Education and Science for her work, and was recognized by her Regional Governor for having student winners in the state Olympiad in Informatics. Baghdasaryan recently participated in “One pupil-one PC” academic and practice training for skilled teachers, conducted by Intel Corporation and has received the qualification of “Teacher of Teachers.”
Current residence: Vanadzor, Lori Region,  Republic of Armenia
Education:  Vanadzor State Teachers’ Training Institute, Mathematics Informatics section
Websites I check every day:,,,
Person who inspires me most: My mother. When I’m not sure about something, she always says that I can surely do it. My best friend says “Always go ahead, never do a step back.”
Favorite childhood memory: Once on April Fool’s Day, during a lesson, a man entered our classroom and said that he was the editor of the newspaper “Arpi,” and added that at 15.00 o’clock I was invited to the cafe “Viloyi mot,” since the newspaper edition had prepared a surprise. At first I thought that it was a joke, and then I found out that “Arpi” had chosen some excellent students from our institute and granted a scholarship.
Next travel destination (work or pleasure): Crete Island, Greece
Favorite book: Lyrics, by Paruyr Sevak
Favorite music: Instrumental music of Richard Clayderman

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