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Week of April 2

We’ve talked a great deal here about games-based (or “playful”) learning. (Did you see my conversation with Tracy Fullerton last week? Fascinating …) And I expect we’ll have many more interesting stories to share over the coming months. With all of the innovation going on in this space, and a growing body of research telling us games-based learning really works, it’s nice to know that there are resources to help make sense of it all. I’m pleased to share a new e-book by Ollie Bray and Microsoft on games in education.

The 2011 Horizon Report, which seeks to identify emerging trends in future teaching and learning, recognised Games Based Learning as a future trend that was within three years of adoption by the teaching community.

These findings are not isolated and there is a growing body of research that suggests computer games can stimulate successful learning environments and provide motivational contexts for learning. This includes a recent collaborative research report from Learning
and Teaching Scotland and Futurelab UK which evaluates the impact of console games in the classroom.

For more information on how computer games in education is helping to transform teaching and learning, view or download the eBook below.

“Playful Learning: Computer Games in Education”

View more presentations from “Microsoft Education UK

This week, we’ll be talking to more innovators, including Nick Sousanis, who’s working on
what might be the most unique doctoral thesis you’ve ever seen (stay tuned for
details). We’ll also hear from Raksheet Haulkory from Mauritius, whose strong ethical beliefs impact his teaching and inspire his students.

– Anthony

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