Focus: 100th “voice” today on Daily Edventures!

Today, I am thrilled to announce that we’re publishing our 100th voice on the blog!

On this occasion, read an inspiring interview with Henry Jenkins, a world-renowned expert on participatory culture and new media literacies. “Play is at the heart of learning,” according to Jenkins, and I couldn’t agree more. He is one of the world-wide heroes of education whose innovative spirit energizes us all.

When we started this journey last January, I knew we were on to something special. That is, the idea that the future of education will be shaped not by government policy or mandate but rather by individual heroes who devote each and every day to improving outcomes for our students and future leaders. They inspire their schools, their peers, their communities and their countries to embrace technology to help optimize learning environments and student achievement.

My goal was simple. I wanted to share stories and insights from teachers, school leaders, students, policy-makers, business leaders, NGO leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, parents…people who have embraced enhancing education as a core facet in their lives. Who are they, what inspires them, what frustrates them, what hopes do they hold for the future of education?

Now, I want to express my gratitude for the privilege of sharing your inspiring stories. Each day, my goal is to give you a unique exposure to diverse ideas, projects, programs and countries that are making a difference in education. Check out Miguel Nussbaum from Chile and his One Mouse per Child project. Or Dr. Ghada Gholam from Egypt, who is working for UNESCO to empower women (thanks to education), Ollie Bray from Scotland who passionately advocates for playful learning, Fida Mohammad El-Homsi from Lebanon who promotes education to rebuild her country. Then there’s David Muya from Kenya, one of the impressive Partners in Learning Teachers-Winners who have a tremendous impact on teaching and learning throughout the world… And there are so many more incredible stories on the blog!

To ensure that the next 265 stories are equally inspiring, I’m looking for your nominations. Who are your education heroes? Who do you believe is shaping the future of education, one classroom at a time? Let us know at and thanks again for sharing this journey with us.


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