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Week of April 30

With 365 education heroes to profile this year on, I have a unique opportunity to share with you outstanding stories from all around the world. I get to ask some of the most influential and innovative leaders in education anything I want. How lucky am I? You can now experience some of those conversations by watching my Skype videos on the blog — either embedded in blog posts or in the Videos dedicated page.

Don’t miss my recent interviews with the girls’ education advocate and Women@NASA leader Mamta Patel and Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin. Both are incredibly passionate and contribute to encourage students to pursue STEM studies and careers. And I’m  excited to announce that this week, you will discover two new, can’t-miss video interviews: high school principal and social media trailblazer Eric Sheninger and President Barak Obama’s 2010 pick for US Teacher of the Year, Sarah Wessling. Two exceptional educators whose spirit of innovation  and passion will, I hope, inspire you as much as they inspired me.

We’ll also hear from Ghana’s Samuel Avornyo, whose lessons in technology have benefited
the entire rural community where he teaches. Ian Hoke, an international educator now based in Switzerland, shares his very candid thoughts on the shortcomings of education reform in the US. And João Carlos Ramalheiro, from Portugal, tells us why arts education is unfairly undervalued (and what he’s doing to combat that).

I am looking forward to reading your comments during this new week of insightful worldwide experiences. And don’t forget to tell us your stories, or those of your own heroes in education. We continue to search out the best and brightest examples of innovation in education, and we want your ideas.

Have a great week!

– Anthony

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