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Week of June 25, 2012

It’s a busy week ahead of us, and I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in San Diego as we convene for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference. This year’s conference theme is “Expanding Horizons.”  According to ISTE, the conference will focus on continuing the “goal of providing professional development and networking opportunities to help infuse technology solutions into education. Students who receive a comprehensive, digital-age education are better prepared for their futures, and their personal horizons become limitless.”

Indeed, many of our interviews on Daily Edventures sing the praises of how technology and connectivity opens the doors to limitless learning. Our recent interviews with Brett Kopf and Ron Canuel are just two examples of what technology can do for students. The ISTE conference is a great place to explore your professional learning networks, job expertise, and career satisfaction. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn, talk and meet the educators, administrators and innovators who are pushing education forward every day.

This week, we’ll hear from US innovators John Robison, Stephanie Hoaglund, Candis Inthout and David Andrade. Robinson is a former teacher and current principal who pioneered the use of the Internet in his region. Hoaglund leads the way in the use of social media, as director for K12 – the largest online educator for kindergarten through high school students. And Andrade, a teacher and a blogger, writes about the latest trends in education technology and also uses them in his physics classroom.

One type of technology that is steadily gaining praise for its use in education is the Xbox 360 with Kinect. Take a look at this video from Steurt W. Weller school in Loudon County, Virginia – a school that was featured in our interview with assistant principal Monica Kissel – which demonstrates how the one platform of Kinect can assist in multiple learning uses, including math, reading and literacy, special education, global communication and collaboration, science, and physical education. It’s exciting to see how this technology can make such a difference in the lives of the teachers, students and administrators.

And I’m excited to share with you the new version of the Partners in Learning Network site.  Check out the new resources, community and professional development tabs for inspiration, answers to questions, and discussions with other educators. And don’t miss the link to Daily Edventures in the lower right portion of the site.

Have a great week, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing stories from – and even seeing some of you – at the ISTE conference.


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