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Week of July 2

July traditionally starts a season of family vacations, national holidays, and celebration — and have we got something to celebrate this week! As of this week, we’re exactly half-way through our journey here at Daily Edventures! That equates to more than 180 everyday heroes we’ve introduced you to; and 180-plus more to look forward to.

THANK YOU for your support and your passion for Worldwide Education!

When we started this journey on January 1, I was confident we could share something special and unique with the global education community regarding innovation, inspiration and passion we find in teachers, policy-makers, activists, academics, administrators and students in all corners of the world. We’ve covered heroes in education on nearly every continent, including Antarctica! More particularly, we’ve shared ideas from Brazil, Kenya, Lebanon, Mauritius, Serbia, Japan, India… and we are looking forward to the next interviews from all around the world! What inspires you? What is the best opportunity for innovation in education today?

Over the course of our Daily Edventures, we’ve uncovered many diverse opinions about the future of education and what true reform requires. The 21st century is upon us, so how do we prepare students for the future that awaits them — one vastly different from the work world we faced 25, 10 and even five years ago? There are common themes: the importance of individualized learning, the promise of technology (if used appropriately), the need for a radical change in the role of the teacher, the limitations of standardized testing and resource constraints, to name a few. These themes are clearly universal. Bill Gates recently talked to The Chronicle of Higher Education about his own journey. Not surprisingly, his comments echo many of the themes we share here, every day.

This week, we’ll begin the second half of our Daily Edventures with education heroes’ insights from around the world – just a small taste of what’s to come as we uncover education innovation wherever it lives. We started with Peter Piot, who over the course of his career has helped to identify and contain both the Ebola virus and HIV in Africa. Piot’s experience gives him a unique perspective on the future of education, and the obstacles getting in the way of reform – especially in developing countries. We’ll hear from Simon Breakspear, an education consultant (and former teacher) with some compelling ideas on changing education from the ground up. We’ll also talk to award-winning teachers like Estonia’s Birgy Lorenz, who has developed coursework and materials to ensure young people are safe online; Hong Kong’s Chu Tsz Wing, who is innovating the use of tablets in the classroom; and Belgium’s Bram Faem, who believes networking should be one of the top priorities for both students and educators.

Have a great week, and don’t forget to keep up with the Partners in Learning Network, our online community now reaching over four million educators in over 100 countries. I think you’ll find the PiL Network to be an invaluable resource with advice, support, training and ideas to help you rethink education for the 21st century.

I am looking forward to the next part of this incredible journey. Let us know who you’d like to hear from in the next six months – maybe we can share one of your personal heroes in education with our fellow travelers! You can send your suggestions to

– Anthony

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