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“Social media allows people to connect. So instead of reading about the Arab Spring, I can have students following along, in real-time, with what is happening.” – Steven Anderson, USA

“Let the pupils be creators of their own learning material rather than consumers. Let them find answers by themselves and learn from each other.” – Sigmund Brenna, Norway

“Our learning experiences can be so much more enriching if we have purpose and if we can connect that purpose to action.” – Jennifer Corriero and Michael Furdyk, Canada

“Don’t forget the importance of the inner life of a child. If you can give the student the tools to be able to generate happiness from within, then they are much better equipped for any challenge that life presents.” – Randy Taran, USA

“Having taught on two continents, the obstacles to quality education seem to be the same the world over: funding, resources, burdensome bureaucracy, time, and class size.” – Pauline Roberts, USA

This Week's Preview

Week of August 27, 2012

“Think before you click” works for teachers as well as for students!” – Lidija Kralj, Croatia

“The present elitist system needs to be carefully dismembered into a system that recognizes that each individual is unique and gifted.” – Mohun Ojoodha, Mauritius

“What needs to be changed is the way foreign languages are taught” – Chiew Pang, Spain

“Most policy proposals essentially are tweaks of what we already do. Instead, we need to recognize the transformative – and often disruptive – nature of changes and rethink what they mean for learning and teaching.” – Scott McLeod, USA

“I like to think that teachers are taking a few more pedagogic risks, including trusting their students and (un)planning.” – David Rogers, UK

“I am worried that some schools are simply spending thousands of dollars on laptops and devices without any real thought behind their use or changing the pedagogy of the teachers using them.” – Denise Jeffs, Australia

“Banning mobile devices is holding students back from cost effective learning opportunities. Africa has one of the highest ratios of mobile phones to population. We should be utilizing that.” – Brenda Hallowes, South Africa

This Week's Preview

Week of August 20

“If you are a dedicated teacher and have ideas of how to improve your teaching, fight for your rights to test your ideas.” Jerker Porat – Sweden

“Make strong emotional links with your students. First, talk to their hearts, empathize; talk with them about their lives, their expectations. Don’t care if you don’t talk about the main subject of your class. That will come after. ” Antonio Tavares – Portugal

“Literature develops critical thinkers and is an important part in creating critical and respectful citizens.” Dalina Flores– Mexico

“My parents supported me wholeheartedly with my creative endeavors. They were my champions.” Ahmet Zappa – USA


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The best opportunity for innovation in education? “Empower schools and districts with the freedom to really innovate to find the best ways to teach and assess 21st century outcomes.” Ken Kay – USA