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Week of August 12

Each week I am energized by the chance to learn from innovative educators, policy-makers, administrators and students here at Daily Edventures. One of our recently featured interviews was with Kresten Thorndahl, a 16-year-old secondary school student, who also happens to be the communications manager at the Association of Danish Pupils (Danske Skoleelver, or DSE) and a student worker at Microsoft Denmark. One of Thorndahl’s passions is the Digital Patrols Project, collaboration between the DSE and Microsoft Denmark.  

Thorndahl was just a guest blogger for Microsoft Europe, where he discussed the importance of student role models in bringing education forward, and incorporating the necessary ICT skills in learning. “With the Digital Patrols Project the aim is to get the education system up to speed,” says Thorndahl. “It is not enough just to throw a lot of computers into the classroom – the ICT skills have to be developed amongst the students and the teachers and this will help getting the education system in the right direction which is closer to the labour market.” What do you think about the role of peer-to-peer instruction?  The stories we share about successes – and just as important, failures – are what help us all to reach further and continue to innovate for students globally.

This week, we’ll first hear from Dan Roberts, a self-professed “geek” who is also an immensely enthusiastic teacher in the Seychelles who is pushing boundaries with technology in his classes, and his students are excelling.  Next, Ovidio Barcelo from Spain shares his strong belief in the importance of a common global language. We’ll also speak with Ken Kay, the Chief Executive Officer of EdLeader21, a professional learning community for education leaders committed to 21st century education. Next, we’ll hear from multiple Imagine Cup winners Eduardo and Roberto Sonnino from Brazil – both about to embark on careers – who share with us their perspectives on education (from the viewpoint of students and entrepreneurs). I also spoke with Mexican educator Dalina Flores reflects on the importance of the basics – reading and writing – in order to get her students ahead. And Antonio Tavares from Portugal shares his view on the holistic role of a teacher and the importance of connecting with students on a personal level.

And don’t forget to take a look at the Partners in Learning Network online community. The network includes advice, support, training and ideas to help you as you navigate education in the 21st century – and we reach over 100 countries globally. It’s a great way to collaborate and communicate with your peers and colleagues…  And stay tuned for more details on the November 28 – December 1 Partners in Leaning Global Forum in Prague!

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