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Week of September 24

“Our country will be a better place when we all take charge of our own destiny and be the best we can be in spite of adversity. Stop blaming the government and be the change you want to see. From the words of the wisest: You Matter! Make a difference in your own life today.” Cheryl Arnett in the Huffington Post

I was, quite honestly, thrilled to see Daily Edventures alum Cheryl Arnett’s thoughtful blog post in the Huffington Post last week.  Arnett –  who is a winner in this year’s Partners in Learning US Forum and will compete for the second time in the upcoming Global Forum in Prague –  reflected on the past four years, and shared her thoughts on the upcoming US elections. As someone who describes herself as passionate rather than political, Arnett’s words spoke to me – especially this quote: “You see, it is not up to our government to make us happy or create our success. That ability lies within each of us.” I agree wholeheartedly, and encourage you to take the time to read Arnett’s post.

And now to the week ahead: it’s a busy one! I start off the week by attending the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City.  The theme for this year’s CGI is “Designing
for Impact
: How can we design our world to create more opportunity and more equality? How are we designing our lives, our environments, and the global systems we employ in order to impact the challenges at hand?”  In a recent article in Time, Bill Clinton writes about “The Case for Optimism.” He names the three global challenges he sees in our world: inequality, instability and unsustainability, but also states that we have made real progress, and we are seeing real success as we, as an interconnected society, work together to change the world. Certainly, education plays a critical role in this progress and I am looking forward to what I can learn from the education leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and NGO leaders in the next couple of days. I’ll be tweeting from CGI, so stay tuned!

As ever, we have some great interviews this week. First, Dayna Laur shares her drive for creating authentic learning experiences for students. And Dr. Tim Kubik discusses
how he works to bring education, policy and politics together on a mission to create meaningful change in our public schools. These are just two in the diverse group we have for you this week.

In the meantime, be sure to join the Microsoft Partners in Learning network for access to email bugs and Social Media badges showing your support for the 2012 Global Forum in Prague. You gain access to tools, resources and an unparalleled worldwide community of educators. Sign up now, and you can find some informative tutorials to help you bring technology into the classroom. 

Have a great week!


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