“100 percent of the teachers we are training are losing their fear of technology on the first day.” – Maria Delgadillo, Ecuador

I met Ecuador’s Maria Delgadillo at the recent Partners in Learning Latin American Forum in Lima and her unusual background caught my attention. Trained and experienced in banking – she worked as a statistics analyst for the Ecuadorian Central bank – Delgadillo brought her finance expertise to ChasquiNet, where she now develops education programs. ChasquiNet is named for Chasquis, the Inca messenger who ran from settlement to settlement in order to transport information and goods from one place to another. The Foundation serves as a modern Chasquis, connecting communities in Ecuador and beyond through interactive networks of mutual support and knowledge sharing.

Delgadillo’s professional background makes her ideally suited to her current role leading the development of the Escuelas Inter@ctivas Program. The program develops educational materials for formal and non-formal education in communities throughout the country, and includes a training program for teachers and students to promote sustainable human development through innovation within the educational system. Its methodology links four axes of work: personal development, Active School (which promotes applicable and active learning), the integration of family, school and community, and the strategic use of ICT applied to the needs of education.

Learn more about Delgadillo’s work and the valuable knowledge she’s taking back home from the Latin American Partners in Learning Forum in today’s Daily Edventure.

And don’t forget – the Partner in Learning Global Forum in Prague starts just one month from today!

About Maria Delgadillo, Director, ChasquiNet

Maria Delgadillo studied financial management in Ecuador before developing a passion for holisitic social development. After several years of working in the Ecuadorian Central Bank, where she was responsible for the monetary and financial statistics of the Ecuadorian banking sector, Delgadillo joined the ChasquiNet Foundation. Founded in 1998, Quito-based ChasquiNet is a non-profit foundation that implements and coordinates programs that strengthen human and social development in Ecuador and beyond.

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