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Week of November 5, 2012

We have a big week ahead of us. In the US, our thoughts are with our friends and colleagues on the East Coast as they recover from Hurricane Sandy. We wish you safety and warmth, and hope for a quick return to normalcy.

Of course, this Tuesday November 6th is the US election – remember to vote! As the election nears, one topic that continues to be of significance is that of STEM, and why the US continues to lag behind in these vitally important fields for the 21st century. So I was interested to read this article from the New York Times, which shares the stories of college students who leave STEM-field studies for various reasons, many of which seem to add up to universities not making STEM studies engaging enough to keep students interested. What does seem to be working? Service and project-based learning programs. This brought to mind a very recent interview with Lisa Zagura, who initially pursued a liberal arts degree at university. Zagura then joined the Peace Corp, and met engineers who would change her direction (a real-life version of service-based learning). It was there that  she saw how science and engineering could create positive change in the world. She then went on to become an engineer. What do you think? What do we need to do to make STEM fields more desirable to today’s students?

This week at Daily Edventures, we will be discussing how to best grow digital literacy throughout the world and the promotion of the safe use of social media, amongst other topics. I’ll speak with John Wood, a former Microsoft executive who left his role in business development and formed Room to Read, a global organization dedicated to literacy and gender equality in education. Or Shelley Sanchez Terrell, co-creator of the extremely popular #EdChat and organizer of the ReformSymposiumEConference, a free online e-conference in which over 4,000 educators participate from over 100 countries.
Those are just a taste of the great interview we’ll have this week, so stay tuned.

And…only three weeks and two days until the Partners in Learning Global Forum in Prague on November 28! The excitement is building for us – we know it will be a global celebration of the most innovative educators and leaders in education. We are really looking forward to sharing the stories and interviews from the educators we meet in Prague. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Partners in Learning Network for more tools, guidance, and a great community of innovators.

It’s hard to believe it’s November and that we have only two months left in 2012.  Let me know if there is a hero that you would like me to interview – only sixty more days and we will reach our 365th interview.

I wish you all a great week!


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