Focus: The Flipped Classroom


The concept of a Flipped Classroom has been discussed quite a bit here at Daily Edventures. We were lucky enough to speak with Jonathan Bergmann, who pioneered the Flipped Classroom.  At its core, the Flipped Classroom is about changing the dynamics of the classroom, and according to Bergmann, “changing the pedagogy with the aid of technology.” The lecture becomes homework, and time in class is spent problem solving – or, as some call it, practicing.

In a recent Seattle Times article, many college professors in the state of Washington are flipping their classrooms, and they are seeing some interesting results, including students who are more engaged.

This infographic from Knewton provides a great visual of what a flipped classroom looks like, and why educators are talking about it.
Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media


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