Focus: The Hottest Ed-Tech Stories in 2012


Change is a constant in education, and truly disruptive change is altering the landscape of education as we know it. Perhaps nowhere is that change more disruptive than in higher education, where the very existence of traditional college campuses and programs is being questioned. Technology is prompting these questions, and career demands of the 21stcentury are making them ever more urgent.

Over the last year, talk of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has exploded (here’s a great Daily Edventures take on MOOCs from Canada’s Reuben Tozman), while the shift from print to e-books has shaken up the academic publishing world. And that’s just the beginning. For a better understanding of the massive changes rocking higher ed, here’s a summary of last year’s hottest ed-tech stories, courtesy of the Chronicle of Higher Education and its Wired Campus blog. You’ll see familiar themes, and some insightful thinking on what the future of higher education may hold. If you’re leading – or experiencing – some of the disruptive changes in higher ed, we’d love to hear from you.

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