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In my role at Microsoft, I’m often asked to share my thoughts about the state of education and about the technology and tools available to support efforts to innovate. At the Partners in Learning Global Forum in Prague last November, and in the months since, I have recorded a few videos to communicate what I strongly believe in, and what I think is important for us to help students master the multi-dimensional abilities required of them in the 21st century.  This is a mix of what I’ve picked up along my learning journey, views on where technology in education is headed, and why now is the time for a new era in digital learning. Here’s a sampling of those videos – just the start, I’m sure, of a longer conversation.

At the Partners in Learning Global Forum, I laid out some of the ideas that shape my thinking about education, recognizing what I’ve learned on my journey so far, and the areas I see as ripe for innovation and change. I continued to talk about those ideas – and a new era of digital learning — earlier this week at the BETT Show (covered in this post from London). I also explained why I originally created my blog Daily Edventures and what this journey has represented so far. With this blog I want to highlight inspiring stories, share innovative education practices, examples to help others see changes possible in education and talk about how we can all best support the needs of our schools, teachers and students.

Here’s a video highlighting that vision about helping people reach their potential, one we’ll be expanding on in the coming weeks and months here at Daily Edventures:

As you would expect, we’re talking a lot about Windows 8 for Education these days and I get a lot of questions about its features. What Windows 8 enables is a significant example of my belief that the new era of digital learning is here now. While a holistic approach to education reform is needed and technology is only a piece of that puzzle, the potential for innovations such as Windows 8 to transform education is clear. After years of lessons learned about how technology works — and doesn’t work — in the classroom, with reform efforts beginning to take shape around the world, often enabled by technology, and with teachers and education leaders collaborating and innovating like never before, we are transforming education so that millions of students achieve their potential. Here’s a demo I did on the promising features of Windows 8 for education:


Another key driver of the new era of digital learning is the tech and social media-enabled collaboration of teachers from around the world. Through the Partners in Learning Network, TeachMeets, conferences, Twitter and countless other ways, educators are collaborating more than ever. Great ideas are being shared, replicated and improved upon in classrooms around the world. So if you’re not already familiar with Partners in Learning Network, here’s an overview of this meaningful online global community and its resources for educators and school leaders:


Finally, if you’re a regular reader of Daily Edventures, you know how passionate I am about game-based learning. This is one movement in education that I believe has the potential to change everything, shaping engaged students who enjoy learning and are well prepared for the 21st century world. One of the new tools I’m especially excited about is XBOX Smartglass, a technology that holds great promise for classroom use. It extends the capability of XBOX to most mobile device platforms (including Windows, Android and iOS), and could enable teachers to manage classroom technology in a much more engaging and interactive way. I can’t wait to see how teachers will use Smartglass, and here’s a small taste of what it can do:

I look forward to sharing even more about the people, ideas and technology shaping education asI continue our Daily Edventures.


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