Education World Forum: Insights from the Brookings Institute

At the Education World Forum (EWF) late last month, leaders from around the world to gathered to discuss the state of global education and to explore the innovations making a difference for students, teachers and society at large. This was the 10th annual EWF gathering, and according to the Brookings Institute, participating delegations represented “77 percent of the world’s learners and included countries ranging from Sweden to Uzbekistan to Sri Lanka.”

So what did over three-quarters of the world’s education ministers learn in London? Not surprisingly, there were no easy answers or sure-fire solutions to the challenges facing countries struggling to meet 21st century demands. But it was clear that technology will continue to play a critical role in transforming the world’s education systems. According to Brookings, “If disadvantaged groups are not explicitly targeted by ICT strategies, the inadvertent result may be that they fall further behind. On the other hand, ICT strategies and specific technology can be used to counteract challenges that disproportionately affect marginalized groups.”

Here’s an insightful summary of the event from Brookings, reflecting on the strikingly similar issues facing diverse societies around the globe, and the common solutions emerging to address those issues. This is familiar territory here at Daily Edventures, of course, where we explore the many ways innovative technology and pedagogy are transforming education, and it’s great to see this momentum of change continue to build.


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