“The real challenge is balancing what school can contribute with different personal skills that are necessary in your whole future life.” – Eva-Lis Siren, Sweden

Eva-Lis Siren, chair of the Teachers’ Union in Sweden since 2001, has become known for – among other things – driving substantial increases in salaries for Swedish teachers, which put teacher salaries on equal footing with other academic professions needing the same length of training. Simply put, Siren is leading global change and thinking innovatively about how the role of teachers and school leaders must adjust to the global workforce and changing educational landscape.

On a recent trip to Sweden, I sat down with Siren to discuss the big trends she sees, as well what concerns her – both globally and in Sweden.  While Siren is very encouraged by the high expectations teachers and communities have for their schools, she is also pushing her constituents to map school skills more closely with what the workforce needs. And as a steadfast advocate for students, teachers and school leaders, she is keenly aware of the need for every single student to access the best technological tools available.

I hope you enjoy today’s Daily Edventure with Eva-Lis Siren.

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