Unlock the Power of Collaboration through Peer Coaching – Les Foltos, USA

When we first spoke with Les Foltos in May of last year, he had a mission: to improve collaboration amongst teachers in the United States. “Teachers work largely in isolation, so innovation doesn’t spread from classroom to classroom,” said Foltos.

Today, Foltos goes one step further and shares his expertise in peer coaching, and how to use it to “unlock the power of collaboration.”

“Good coaches have the capability to help their peers improve teaching and learning,” says Foltos. “Successful coaches understand that they cannot take on the role of the expert. Rather than answering questions, respond with questions that get your peer to think more deeply about the issues.”

Today, I’m excited to share Foltos’s video blog, where he delves even deeper into the practice of peer coaching, and how it can help all teachers develop and grow. Enjoy!

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