Using Games-Based Learning for Formative Assessment

As you probably know, I am an enthusiastic advocate for games-based learning. I love how games encourage and engage students in their learning. And it’s no surprise that games can make learning more enjoyable while they prepare our students for the 21st century. But what about learning assessment? Can games play a role here, as well?

SimCityEDU, funded by the Gates and MacArthur Foundations, will be providing assessments aligned with Common Core State Standards. According to GlassLab, creator of SimCity and SimCityEDU, “the EDU version uses the same code as the commercial game, but also adds in the ability to use students’ choices during challenges as a method of assessment.”

What do you think? Is games-based assessment the next step in games-based learning? Take a look at this article about SimCityEDU, and share your thoughts at @anthonysalcito.

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