“Expert Educators Program Launches! Apply and participate in the Partners in Learning Global Forum that celebrates the world’s most innovative educators.” – Taryn Benarroch, USA

At the Partners in Learning Global Forum in Prague last November, we announced a number of exciting enhancements to the Partners in Learning program, and promised more details later. Well, today I’m thrilled to share those details and more — with some help from Taryn Benarroch, Partners in Learning Global Educators Program Manager — about the Expert Educator Program. This one-year program recognizes global education visionaries who are paving the way in the effective use of technology and in preparing their students for the 21st century. And you may be one of them! The application process is open NOW through July, and those who are named Expert Educators will receive an all-expense paid trip to the next Partners in Learning Global Forum.

In addition to that once-on-a-lifetime trip, these select educators will also receive free technology for their schools, publicity and promotion via social media and other Microsoft channels, insider access to Microsoft strategy and technologies, professional and career development opportunities and certifications — including peer coaching, consulting opportunities within the Partners in Learning program and access to invitation-only special events.

They will work closely with us to lead innovation in education, advocating and sharing their thoughts on effective use of technology in education with peers and policy makers. They will also provide insight for Microsoft on new products and tools for education as they work together to promote innovation in teaching and learning. And they will play the critical role of mentor, helping train others on education technologies and on Microsoft products and tools. Most important, these Expert Educators will have the opportunity to share their expertise with world-renowned educators and specialists so that they can scale their innovations, making a real difference for students around the globe.

To help me introduce the program, I’m pleased to have Taryn Benarroch (@tbenarroch) here, via video. We spoke with her last November, when she told us, “Educators often don’t have the opportunity for collaboration.  If we can harness the power of our network and the collective knowledge of the best educators in the world even more effectively than we are already doing – I believe we will see some incredible changes that will be able to scale in ways never before seen in education.”

A onetime opera singer, school teacher, and former Obama administration appointee, Benarroch is now the Worldwide Lead for the Partners in Learning Global Educator Program, and helps to lead the TEACH Campaign, designed to help aspiring teachers. The goal? To recruit the next generation of great teachers into America’s classrooms. “We have been very busy since the Global Forum,” Benarroch says. “We believe that technology is not the only thing that will help to form 21st century skills for our students, but it’s really an accelerator, and we want to help build teacher capacity.”

Here, Benarroch talks about this new Partners in Learning Expert Educator Program and others – all designed to support professional development for teachers via collaboration and scores of no-cost tools.

We will continue to hear from her at Daily Edventures throughout the year, with more exciting news on the program. You’ll probably find, as I do, that her enthusiasm is contagious, and I hope you’ll take the next step: applying for the program. To apply to be a Partners in Learning Expert Educator, click here.

And don’t miss this amazing opportunity to compete in the next Partners in Learning Global Forum!

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