Dropout Nation: Mapping the Dropout Rates Globally

Educating and preparing our students for the new jobs of the 21st century is at the forefront of what our global heroes at Daily Edventures do each day.  We know that competing in today’s global economy takes the right skills, and study after study points to the fact that most of the jobs of the new economy require post-secondary education. In fact, in 2009, President Obama announced a goal to restore the U.S. to its former status as the country with the highest proportion of college graduates. He wants to do this by the year 2020.

I found the infographic below very interesting – not only because it shows that enrollment in post-secondary education is at its highest level, but also because the US is continuing to struggle to bring dropout rates down.

Perhaps even more interesting: other nations that are keeping their dropout rates low are also proponents of vocational education.

What do you think? Are any government proposals working? What needs to change in the US and other countries to lower dropout rates?

I’d love to hear from you @anthonysalcito.

Mapping Dropouts Around the World
Source: OnlineColleges.net

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