“We are fortunate to have access to many technology programs and are deeply immersed in integrating technology in our curriculum” – Monica Kissel

Daily Edventures alum Monica Kissel, an elementary school vice principal, has embraced classroom technology in a big way. When we first spoke to Kissel last year, she told us how her school used Xbox Kinect to make students active participants in their own learning. “We’re preparing them for jobs that haven’t even been created yet,” Kissel said. Since then, Kissel and her school have embraced technology even more, fully integrating it into lesson plans based on real-life situations. Today, we’re pleased to share a recent video blog from Kissel, one that includes an impressive example of her students using multiple technology tools to learn about the environment.  Here’s what Kissel has to say:

Here at Stuart Weller Elementary we are fortunate to have access to many technology programs and are deeply immersed in integrating technology in our curriculum. 

We strive to integrate technology in the maximum appropriate manner into the regular classroom curriculum. While the technology department has its own goals and outcomes, we teach those in an integrated manner, rather than as a separate “computer” program. All of our technology-enhanced projects are based on real-life situations and student products are published or displayed on an ongoing basis. Some examples include collaborations with NASA via simulations that replace the traditional math and science curriculum, online literacy circles via correspondence with global peers, and book reviews via Avatar Kinect, attached as QR codes on book sleeves in our library.  

It is important that we integrate technology into our instruction to teach students on their level.  We are using technology tools that students are familiar with, and enjoy working with, to create a learning environment where students are learning the content, but also engaging in instruction to help build 21st century learning skills.  We are connecting students to the content presented and to other students and professionals across the world.  It is just awesome to watch the excitement from the students because they are active participants in their own learning and are using tools that are important to them. 

The video in this entry showcases the many uses of technology-enhanced instruction, as well as some of our projects.  Enjoy!

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