Windows 8 Educational apps blog: Now in Chinese!

With its many apps and cross-platform power, Windows 8 is, without question, the most universal platform Microsoft has ever offered, and the possibilities it offers to educators are limitless. In my travels over the past few months, I’ve talked to countless educators who are taking advantage of the platform — finding new ways to apply Windows 8 apps to teaching and learning and transforming education in the process.

And now, the Win8 Apps in Education blog, initiated by Portuguese and Spanish Partners in Learning network members Luis Fernandes and Ovi Barcelo, is also available in Chinese, thanks to contributor and Partners in Learning Hong Kong Forum winner (2011 and 2012) Andy Li. The blog, which highlights unique Windows 8 apps, has had more than 4,000 visitors in it’s first four weeks – and over 1,000 visitors in a single 24-hour period. This is not only a testiment to the global interest in Windows 8 among educators, but also to the commitment of Partners in Learning members and teachers who are sharing their knowledge and experience with peers around the world.  Stay tuned for more local language versions of this valuable resource, and be sure to let us know (in whatever language) how you’re using Windows 8 apps in the classroom.

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