Daily Edventures Named to Dean’s List: 50 Must-Read Blogs! Thank you!

What an honor to share with you that Daily Edventures has been selected by EdTech Magazine for “The 2013 Dean’s List: 50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs.” EdTech asked its readers to submit their favorite blogs and vote on the submissions for this year’s Dean’s List. Readers who no doubt are leading the charge in this new era of digital learning. It’s also very gratifying to see that Daily Edventures shares this honor with some of our own heroes: alumni like Eric Stoller, Audrey Watters and Dr. Keith Hampson.

Perhaps what makes me most proud of this distinction is the fact that our blog really is about YOU – the educators, the school leaders, the change-makers, the innovators in education. We are thrilled to share this honor with you, and with all of the Daily Edventures heroes that contribute their stories, challenges, failures and successes. Thank you for joining the conversation and sharing innovative education practices. Your work helps others to see the changes possible in education and talk about how we can all best support the needs of our schools, teachers and students.

Thank you!



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