Women “Nerds”: Our New Superheroes

Women are making great strides in STEM careers, and we need to celebrate those successes – frequently and loudly — as we work to inspire the next generation of women leaders. Here at Daily Edventures, we’ve met a number of women and girls who are making a difference for their peers (and future generations) in non-traditional courses and careers. From Mamta Patel, who heads NASA’s outreach to girls, to Nikita Rau and Hannah Wyman, students who are breaking stereotypes to make their mark in coding, there’s no shortage of great stories about women and STEM. And that’s a good thing, because we know that a significant number of women in STEM fields will be critical in meeting the demands of the 21st century economy.

This infographic recognizes some real-life heroines: women who are breaking new ground in technology careers. These aren’t household names, but maybe they should be. Enjoy this look at today’s “Wonder Women.”



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