Daily Edventures Web Show: The Premiere

Today is a big day here at Daily Edventures: we are thrilled to premier our very first Daily Edventures Web Show!

If you’re not yet familiar with the Daily Edventures Web Show, here’s what it’s all about: every day, I get to see and experience the best practices in education as I travel the globe and speak to heroes in education. We also hear that the readers of this blog love the videos we share. So, the Daily Edventures Web Show is our chance share and celebrate the best ideas and practices in education today in a fun and energetic video show. Each episode will be a little bit different, with a different theme – game-based learning, one-to-one, accessibility or building teacher capacity.

In today’s show, my co-host Lauren Woodman and I talk about the New Era of Digital Learning. We discuss how we all can make learning more immersive and engaging for students, as well as how to best build teacher capacity and help teachers use technology in their classrooms to prepare students for the 21st century.

This first Web Show is little bit special: before we mentions the content we received from the rest of the world to feature this month on the blog, we wanted to present you some outstanding opportunities to enter a worldwide competition for “heroes” in education.

More particularly, Lauren will give you some concrete ways to celebrate the best classroom educators from every corner of the globe by becoming a Microsoft Expert Educator or Microsoft Mentors School and “win” a chance to compete at the next Partners in Learning Global Forum.

For now, let’s kick off the “Teacher Appreciation Month” on Daily Edventures.

Please join us as we celebrate the best and the brightest educators globally!

And we can’t wait to hear what you think about the Daily Edventures Web Show!

Even more important, we hope that you collaborate with us on future shows! Our next installment will be in September – to mark the 10th Anniversary of Partners in Learning.  It will be a worldwide celebration and recognition of teachers, school leaders, education leaders and forum participants who have participated in the program since its inception.

Anyone can contribute videos, ideas and stories. Just send your thoughts, photos and videos to dailyedventures@microsoft.com

And we will feature the best in the Web show teasing about what would be published the rest of the month on the blog!

Now, on with the show!

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  1. Andrew DeBerry says:

    Terrific to see the FREE services and support teachers and schools have access to right now. A simple way to pick up credentials and stand out among peers locally and globally.

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