“I like the look and feel, the colors and the form that (allows me to) customize everything on the desktop.” – Irma Perez, Teacher, Puerto Rico

As we often say here at Daily Edventures, it takes more than technology to achieve meaningful progress on the road to education reform. But technology does play a key role. Every day, I hear from teachers, and we’ve featured a number of them here, including Slovenia’s Gregor Hrastnik and Sweden’s Jerker Porat, who are innovating with the Windows 8 platform by developing their own apps.

Back in March, Microsoft announced that many schools around the US had adopted Windows 8, with teachers quickly familiarizing themselves with the platform and applying their creativity to make the most of it in and out of the classroom.

In today’s Daily Edventure video, you will meet some of these innovative teachers – not just in the US, but all over the globe — who tell us how they’re using Windows 8 and what apps they’ve come to rely on so far. Camille Rutherford, an education professor, talks about today’s “mouseless generation,” and how the touchscreen serves their unique needs. Favorite apps include SKYPE and Office 365, and according to special needs teacher Hans Smeele, “The most exciting thing about Windows 8 is that it’s easy to use it.” Teachers cite organization, look-and-feel and cross-device integration in their assessment of the Windows 8 experience in their teaching practices.

And you, how are you using Windows 8 in your classroom? What have you learned from your digital native students? And what apps do you love, or wish were available?

Let me know @AnthonySalcito, so I can share your stories.

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