27 Ways to Become a 21st Century Educator

While we talk a lot about technology here at Daily Edventures, we also believe that technology is not a silver bullet to the challenges that face educators today. Preparing our students for the 21st century, and the jobs and economy that face them tomorrow, is about more than just knowing how to use a tablet or smartboard. The tools of the 21st century – the skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication – require a new way of teaching.

If you’ve wondered how YOU can become an educator for the 21st Century, all it may take is a few simple steps. Perhaps you can collaborate with another classroom using Skype? Or maybe you can start your own personal learning network (PLN) on Twitter? If you’re interested in trying something new in your class, here’s a great list from Edudemic of more than two dozen steps to becoming a 21st Century Educator.

I’d love to hear which ones you’ve tried – which ones work for you, and which ones don’t. Let me know what you think @anthonysalcito.

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