“Today, students want some context for their computer science. It has to have meaning to them more than ‘learn this because it is good for you.’ Education has had to adapt a bit because just being able to use a computer is not enough.”

Education Technology may be a relatively recent phenomenon, but Daily Edventures alum Alfred Thompson has dedicated a long career to ensuring its progress. Starting in the days of punch cards, through to the age of Twitter (Thompson’s handle: @alfredtwo), he’s long been a voice of reason and insight when it comes to teaching computer science. Like a number of educators we’ve talked to here, and like the leading thinkers featured in this code.org video, he believes that the study of computer science is undervalued and underutilized in schools.

In this informative and thorough blog post, Thompson details the many positive trends pushing computer science to the educational forefront. From mobile development, to block programming languages and sensor-based technology, Thompson finds much to be excited about when it comes to the opportunities being created around coding. I’d like to hear how you’re taking advantage of these trends in your classrooms, and what new programming trends you see coming.

Let me know @anthonysalcito. Enjoy today’s Daily Edventure with Alfred Thompson.


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