TED Talks: “Every Kid Needs a Champion” – Rita Pierson

A few weeks ago, I shared a TED talk from Bill Gates that was part of a one-hour special created by TED, WNET, PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting titled, “American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen.”  Within this program, many globally recognized leaders in education spoke, including Sir Ken Robinson and Geoffrey Canada.

Today, I’m excited to share another of the inspiring talks from “American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen”: Rita Pierson. Pierson, a teacher for over 40 years, has seen all sides of education. Both of Pierson’s parents and grandparents were teachers, and since 1972, Pierson has taught elementary school, junior high school and special education. According to Pierson, the most important component of learning – what keeps kids in school and passionate about reaching their goals – is simple: relationships. “Every child deserves a champion,” says Pierson,”an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”

Indeed, it’s heroes just like Pierson and the educators we honor each day here at Daily Edventures that are these very champions. “Is this job tough? You betcha,” says Pierson. “But it is not impossible. We can do this. We are educators. We are born to make a difference.” I hope you enjoy Pierson’s TED Talk as much as I did.

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