Education 2.0: Students, Social Networking and Education

“In order to be innovative you have to first accept an essential truth: For students to flourish through having a voice, teachers must give up any notion of control,” said John McCarthy, who I interviewed in October. McCarthy’s opinion has been echoed by many of our heroes at Daily Edventures: that teachers must give up some of the control of their classrooms to their “digital native” students in order to keep them engaged in their own learning.  This can be scary. How do you know that your students are using their smart phones to learn, rather than to chat with friends? How do you ensure their safety?  Yet, many of our heroes in education, like Brenda Hallowes, agree that banning social networking in schools only stifles the growth of essential collaboration and communication skills.

With this in mind, I found this infographic from Socrato very interesting. Did you know that 96 percent of students in the US who have Internet access use social networking? And 59 percent of those students talk about education-related topics. Social media is certainly playing a part in education already. How do you see this trend continuing? Do you use social networking in your classroom? What successes are you seeing?

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