ISTE Preview: Creatively Exploring the New Era of Digital Learning!

This coming week, I’ll be joining some of the US’s most creative educators and innovators in San Antonio, Texas to explore the current and future states of education technology.  This conference is always enlightening (here’s what I wrote about last year’s event), but this year, conference organizers have added a number of fresh, new elements. These additions include ISTE Ignite, fast-paced sessions with 20 slides and just 15 seconds per slide for presenters to engage their audience; Iron Chef: ISTE 13, where participants collaborate to design innovative solutions to various challenges; and Ed Tech Start-up Pitch Fest, where ed tech entrepreneurs compete for votes.

In conjunction with ISTE, I’m also very excited to announce some great news for schools – the availability of Surface RT devices at a reduced price for a limited time. You can learn more about the offer here, We believe that every student and teacher deserves to reach his or her potential, and this is one way we can help make that happen. If you’re in San Antonio this week, be sure to visit the Microsoft booth, go to our learning booth and participate in the Windows in the Classroom Surface Experience Project to see the Surace RT tablet device in action for educators.

The conference also features a number of impressive keynote speakers, but I’m particularly excited about the opportunity to hear Jane McGonigal, one of today’s leading speakers on games and the application of game design to education. McGonigal has created games for organizations such as the World Bank, the Olympic Games, the American Heart Association, and the New York Public Library, and she’ll be discussing the power of gameplay to solve real-world challenges, and to teach 21st century skills. As you probably know, I’m particularly passionate about this topic, having shared many games-based learning innovators here at Daily Edventures. A few recent examples include: my interview with Oslo teachers and game creators Øystein Imsen and Bjørn Erga, an exploration of the use of games in formative assessments, and a number of posts on the many math-based games being applied in classrooms, games like Algebra Touch and Dragon Box.

Throughout the event, I’ll be meeting and interviewing new education heroes for Daily Edventures. And if you have something specific you’d like me to cover while I’m at ISTE, let me know @anthonysalcito. I hope you’ll check in this week as we explore the best and latest in education technology

– Anthony

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