“The best opportunity for innovation in education is to ensure all students have access to a complete education that includes music and fine art.” – Sukhvinder Singh

It has been said that creativity enables innovation. And while innovation in the form of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has been receiving quite a bit of attention in the world of education lately, some feel that there is an important component missing: art. The STEAM movement (STEM + ART) was first championed by the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and has since been widely adopted by institutions, corporations and individuals.

For Sukhvinder Singh, an arts and crafts teacher in India, merging art and technology in today’s classrooms is an imperative. As a painter himself, Singh’s passion for fine art – especially painting – is what sets his classroom apart. “The best opportunity for innovation in education is to ensure all students have access to a complete education that includes music and fine art,” says Singh.

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I hope you enjoy today’s Daily Edventure with Sukhvinder Singh.

Why is education important to you?

Education is the most important part of the human life because it gives the right direction to our life.

Can you describe the teacher who most influenced you?

I had a science teacher in 7th grade – the most intelligent person I have ever met. She had a different technique of teaching that made her unique.

Describe the most inspiring day you’ve experienced as an educator.

The most inspiring day I have experienced as an educator was when my 9th grade students won the “best painting group” award in the district level, and then stood third in a national level painting competition.

What is your proudest professional achievement (briefly describe the work you are most recognized for)?

The proudest professional achievement is when I displayed my painting in an exhibition in New Delhi.

How can other educators facing similar challenges implement what you’ve learned?

Educators will face problems when new techniques are implemented in classes while they are teaching. But they have to accept the challenges as they come.

If you could change one thing about today’s “system” of education, what would it be?

If I could change one thing about today’s “system” of education it will be making education FREE for all students up to class 10+2 in all government and private schools in India.

What advice would you give a new teacher (or to anyone wanting to make a difference in education)?

First, observe the student and then determine how they can learn and understand – both in and out of the school.

What is your greatest hope for the future of education?

My greatest hope for the future of education in my country is transforming collaboration in classrooms.

About Sukhvinder Singh

  • Website I check every day: www.jalandharart.com (my own)
  • Person who inspires me most: Mr. Sobha Singh (Painter), Mr. Kirpal Singh (Painter) and Mr. Paramjit Singh (Painter).
  • Favorite childhood memory: When I first painted a picture of Appu (Elephant).
  • Next travel destination (work or pleasure): Painting Exhibition in Bangluru (Work)
  • Favorite book: Markham (Painting Catalog).
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