The US vs. the World: Education Spending and Performance

More isn’t always better.  And when it comes to education spending and performance against that spending, studies from nearly every source – Online Colleges, The Detroit News, The New York Times – show that spending in education is about quality over quantity.

I found this infographic from Socrato to be enlightening: while the US spends nearly $8,000 annually per child on education, our literacy rate, school-life expectancy, math test scores and science test scores are all behind Finland – which spends only $5,500 per child on education annually.

What do we need to do to change our education outcomes in the US (and elsewhere), and make our spending worth it? How do we allocate our funds effectively? How does innovation play a role in ensuring our money is spent wisely in education? Let me know what you think @anthonysalcito.

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