“It was clear that UK Kodu Cup was not just about programming and creating a game, it also involved collaboration, business planning, marketing and presentation skills these were all evident in the fantastic presentations” – Stuart Ball, UK

Developed by Microsoft Research, Kodu Game Lab is designed to promote learning skills for children while igniting their interest in future careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It is a free game design tool that enables kids to easily build their own video games for the PC within minutes by dragging and dropping images and simple icons, rather than using complex programming languages.

This past January, I was proud to launch the UK Kodu Cup that invited students  to design, build and submit their own video games using the Kodu Game Lab software — no previous programming experience necessary!   After 5 months of game development competition, 150 games entered, representing 450 students, eleven finalists were selected and competed at the grand Kodu Kup UK final on July 5th. As Stuart Ball mentions in the video below, “this wasn’t about making a game, but about understanding where programming and coding fit into the whole curriculum”.

Today, I want congratulate the winners for their awards and outstanding work. Seeing what these kids are doing with technology and the impact it has had on their learning is impressive. And now, you can download the winning games from the Kodu Game Lab site and start playing!

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