All the Education Apps at your Fingertips

It’s official: it’s “back to school” time! For many, summer vacations have come to a close, and school is starting up in earnest. Fall is a busy time of year for families, students, teachers and administrators alike. This is why I’m pleased to share some timesaving sites that can make it easy to find the best educational apps available for Windows 8 today.

First, Microsoft in Education has created an extremely useful webpage that gathers the top Windows 8 applications in one place, with simple category selection. You’ll see some of our favorites that have been featured here at Daily Edventures, including Khan Academy, Cool Street, Didlr, Record Voice and Pen, Talking Tiles, Corinth Micro Plant and Corinth Micro Engine, Brain Pop, Note Anytime, Algebra Touch, DragonBox. Which of these are your favorite apps?

And, I’m pleased to share an update on a site that we have featured previously on Daily Edventures: the Windows 8 Apps in Education blog, created by Portuguese and Spanish Partners in Learning network members Luis Fernandes and Ovi Barcelo. In April, we shared that the blog is also available in Chinese, thanks to contributor Andy Li. And now, a new Danish section has been added, courtesy of alum Pernille Reenberg. This great global resource continues to grow and improve with new sections, including “The Faces Behind the Apps,” and “In-Depth Analysis” to give readers even more insight into the best Windows 8 apps. Stay tuned as this blog continues to expand, and new languages are added.

We are very excited for all of the developments, progress and creativity that this new school year will bring. And, as ever, I am eager to share your stories as we navigate the new era of digital learning together.  What is working for you? What isn’t? What are the best apps you’ve tried? What would you like to see developed? Don’t hesitate to share your experiences, comments and ideas with me @anthonysalcito.


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