“The Windows 8 Tablet has changed the way I work with my students… I’m able to use shared notebooks, which has cut my grading time by two-thirds, so I have more time to devote to my students during the school day.” – Nat Johnston, Middle School Science Teacher

If you’re working in a classroom with limited resources, whether that’s time, computers or even basic access to the Internet, it can be difficult to imagine what’s truly possible with a platform like Windows 8 and 1:1 computing on the latest, greatest tablets. Many schools — in many countries — just aren’t there yet.

But now that we’re beginning to see these tools in action, I’m thrilled that we can show you (via video) the impact that Windows 8-enabled learning is having on students. No imagination required.

Cincinnati Country Day has been at the forefront of innovation for while now, becoming the first 1:1 school in the US in 1996. They were one of the schools featured in our Innovative Schools World Tour earlier this year, and we profiled Academic Dean Greg Martin here at Daily Edventures just last year. But after deploying Windows 8 hybrid tablets this year, the 87-year old institution took innovation to a new level.

In this video, Director of Technology Robert Baker and his colleagues show us exactly how the Windows 8 tablets are used to engage students in science and math. And students talk about how the technology supports their learning and development.

Even if your school seems to be light years away from a 1:1 implementation like the one at Cincinnati Country Day, you can begin to see — and to share with school leaders and fellow teachers — what is possible. And that’s the first step to achieving any goal, right? What else do you think is possible with this approach to learning? Let me know @AnthonySalcito. 

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