Celebrating 10 years of Partners in Learning : Educators’ insights from India

Yesterday, Microsoft celebrated the 10 year anniversary of its flagship education program Partners in Learning. As I shared here, Partners in Learning has had an incredible impact on the lives of educators and students worldwide since its inception. Today, I want to share some messages we have received from educators from India who have participated in the program and benefited from it.

If you are thinking of joining the Partners in Learning Network, we welcome you. We believe so strongly in this program, Microsoft reaffirmed our commitment to Partners in Learning by investing $250 million in the next five years. And, for those of you who are part of the Partners in Learning Network, thank you. It is because of you that Partners in Learning can continue to empower youth, spark innovation in the classroom and improve learning outcomes globally.


“Microsoft inspired and motivated me immensely.  Shiksha training under Microsoft Partners in Learning changed my teaching learning process. Since then, I have been imparting quality education to my students at the residential Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.  My vision to bring biology lessons to life was enabled by PIL and aided me to bring the local Andaman flora and fauna into the classroom through self-shot videos and multimedia presentations.  My brainchild www.biology24x7.in has also become the interactive virtual classroom for rural children, visually and physically challenged students and for entire learning community.  This website has enabled my students for learning the necessary tools to take on real world issues in the local community, coming up with solutions and making a difference in their communities.

 ICT resources are promising; there are grounds for maintaining that they help most students overcome barriers to learning in inclusive education, with this I started podcasting for visually challenged and physically challenged students.  This helped the students to understand the concepts and perform well in examination. This minimized the discrimination with others, thus increasing their achievement, together with their autonomy, willingness and self-esteem. I sincerely thank Microsoft for providing me this opportunity of enhancing my teaching with the help of ICT.” 

…Raghavendra Rao, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Vizianagaram, Andra Pradesh, India

“The project Shiksha training under Microsoft PIL empowered me to use IT as a teaching tool to strengthen my teaching-learning environment. This has resulted in increased learning for my students and has helped me in creating a variety of motivating and interactive instructional material. I have also trained my students on MS office and internet browsing using various search engines. My students conducted internet research, made PowerPoint presentations and made posters using Microsoft AutoCollage. I am thankful to Microsoft for providing me Opportunities:

•              To collaborate with the teachers of the world and share best practices.
•              Access to free technology tools
•              Online learning for teaching with technology
•              Virtual University Webinars to network educators with information, experts and resources
•              Professional development program for teachers
•              Self-learning Tutorials
•              Platform to share knowledge
•              Huge source of innovative lesson plans and learning activities

…Sangeeta Shukramani, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi, India 

“Partners in Learning has helped me to construct new knowledge and bring some innovative teaching practices into the classroom and empower my students with 21st century skills. As a teacher I firmly believe that technology can transform learning environments and can help us to achieve the promise that technology holds for improving learning.

Microsoft is like a beacon of light in a forest of dark in my life. It has given new heights to my imagination and teaching ways. It has given me such an incredible platform to showcase my skills. I was introduced to the fascinating world of technology that opened up new doors for me. I was given the opportunity to network and share ideas with my colleagues. I was exposed to collaborative and knowledge based learning, use of ICT in the classroom and the advantages of project-based learning and web 2.0. Microsoft has helped me deliver qualitative education. My classrooms have become more lively and my students more confident of their work.

At the personal front, I have become a ‘cool mom’ by passing on my technological skills to my two daughters who have emerged as leaders in their peer groups. As a mother, this has been my proudest moment.”

…Chandra Prabha Bhatia, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ballygunge, Kolkata, India

“Microsoft PIL was the turning point in my career. Post my Project Shiksha training, I have become an IT savvy teacher. Now I can use ICT to deliver my content to my students in an interesting manner. Microsoft enabled me to adopt ICT in such a way that today I can proudly say that yes I have been able to empower my learners Once I was trained, I understood that there can be no other Teaching/learning Aid as ICT which can  bring in a difference  in the field of education . Thank you Microsoft Partners in Learning!”

…Arundhoti Roy, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ballygunge, Kolkata, India 

“I am thankful to Microsoft for executing Project Shiksha Training across state. Hence the Shiksha Training helped me a lot since then. Today being a school leader I have been able to motivate my teachers and my students to use ICT in their day to day life. I feel proud when I see my students learning any subject using ICT. This all has been possible only because of Microsoft PIL program in India.”

…Rajesh Tiwari, Bhopal School of Excellence, Bhopal, Madya Pradesh

“Today I am much motivated and inspired to do something new every time my students approach me with a new challenge. I underwent Project Shiksha training under Microsoft PIL program in the year 2009 where I was exposed to the wonders of IT. Now i try my best to make my students understand well the hard core grammar lessons using IT tools all thanks to Microsoft PIL program.  In order to keep myself updated I have my own blog which I often share and demonstrate to my classes during Lab sessions. I want to do something better, something different, and something unique for my students who are today proud users of technology and by the use of IT are very well connected with the rest of the world. Learning with Ease and Fun is my motto of delivery. I want to connect my upcoming generation with the competitive world of opportunities and challenges.” 

…Vijay Gupta, Govt. Sen. Sec. School Arni Wala Sheikh Subhan, Distt. Fazilka, Punjab, India


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