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Here at Daily Edventures, we often talk to teachers who lament the lack of art and music education in today’s schools. Budget cuts and aggressive testing expectations have all but removed arts education from many school districts, in spite of the fact that we know exposure to the arts can be critical to intellectual and social development. Past contributors like Sukhvinder Singh and Jaclyn Shea have made a good case for arts and music education, and in fact, the STEAM movement – STEM plus art – is gaining momentum.

So when we hear about technology that can help to fill this growing gap, we’re more than a little excited. Take Recording Studio, for example, an app that allows students to record, edit and mix music. Recording Studio is a multi-touch sequencer for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, and it’s quick and simple operation makes it a perfect tool to expand students’ creativity.

With the two-track Recording Studio free version, students can edit existing audio recordings and create new ones with a virtual grand piano. With the Pro version, they can chose from seven additional instruments and can record up to 24 tracks.

Imagine what students could do with a tool like this. From creating their own background music for class presentations, to making music-rich videos, to simply learning about audio engineering as a career option, the possibilities are endless.

Tell us – @AnthonySalcito — how do you make music part of your teaching practice? And how might you use a tool like Recording Studio?

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