Announcing the 2014 Expert Educators and Mentor Schools

Showcasing the heroes in education each day on Daily Edventures is a privilege. And today, I am especially humbled to bring to light some of the best and brightest educators out there –teachers and school leaders who each day work in the face of monumental challenges to bring their students the best education possible. Microsoft Expert Educators and Mentor schools are inspiring examples of how individuals and schools are using technology to prepare their students for the 21st century, and I am honored to announce the winning Expert Educators and Mentor Schools.

Members of both programs are part of an exclusive, year-long program designed to recognize educators and schools that are on the leading edge of education innovation. Expert Educators were selected from nearly 22,000 educators in 158 countries, while Mentor Schools came from nearly 250 schools in 75 countries. These educators and schools are using technology to transform education, often overcoming overwhelming obstacles in order to prepare their students to be 21st century leaders.

Winning Expert Educators are not only doing innovative work in the classroom, but they are actively mentoring others and creating change within their own education systems. For example, one of our winners created digital literacy courses and produced audiobooks for non-native speakers and the blind, and then designed a multimedia center to allow any student or teacher to access their work and experiment with broadcasting language lessons. Yet another designed a history project for their students to study medieval history. Students took in-person tours of medieval castles, researched and compiled all their information, and then created virtual tours that could be used by other teachers and students who could not visit the castles in person. These innovators set an outstanding example for their peers.

Or take winning Mentor Schools like GENTE (Gin Exp Novas Tecnologias Educacion) in Brazil, and Campbelltown Performing Arts High School in Australia. At GENTE, the focus on personalized learning has completely transformed their curriculum and learning outcomes. Each student creates his or her own online “formative itinerary” that lists the skills they already have and the ones they need to develop. A digital adaptive evaluation system monitors what the student has learned, and where they can improve. At Campbelltown Performing Arts High School (CPAHS), action learning project teams explore four key areas of 21st-century learning: project-based learning, personalized learning, flexible learning spaces and student voice. CPAHS is firmly committed to practices that improve learning outcomes for students and prepare them as 21st century citizens who have the capacity to reflect deeply, collaborate effectively, think critically and work creatively.

The Expert Educators and Mentor Schools programs are designed specifically to help enable major transformations for both the educators and the schools. This year’s winners will benefit from the access to technology that they receive as part of Microsoft’s ongoing programs. We also see the programs as a “fellowship” of sorts: winners will not only work extremely closely with Microsoft, but they will also have access to a global community of world-class educators and schools.

We believe that innovation begins when leaders think big and collaborate with other leaders to discover best practices.  And to this end, today’s winners will be connecting with other innovative district and school leaders worldwide at the Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona in this coming March.  The Global Forum is always a time of great collaboration, team-building and celebration, and I am very excited to meet each of these winners at this once-in-a-lifetime event.

And of course, Daily Edventures will be featuring the Expert Educators and Mentor Schools throughout the year, exploring their stories, challenges and triumphs. I look
forward to sharing even more about this incredible program and our winners in the days and months to come.

Congratulations, 2014 Expert Educators and Mentor Schools! You make us proud.



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18 Responses to Announcing the 2014 Expert Educators and Mentor Schools

  1. Kurt Söser says:

    I am so thrilled and happy to be one of these 250! Thank you for making this happen!

  2. Ana Lucía Celada says:

    Thanks for your words, what a great opportunity!
    Looking forward to meet all of you super teachers! 🙂

  3. Raksheet HAULKORY says:

    Awesome…we’ll be part of this incredible journey towards improving the quality of education we impart to the kids

  4. Àngels Soriano says:

    Estoy emocionada con la oportunidad para compartir,aprender y colaborar con otros profesores Microsoft Expert Educator. Para mi Compartir es crecer.Gracias por hacer posible esta oportunidad.

  5. Worawit says:

    Although I have not been chosen, but I hope to have the opportunity to participate again next year.

  6. Marwa Hussein says:

    I am so proud that 10 of the expert educators are Egyptians.
    Thanks Microsoft Egypt for that great support, and thank you Anthony for this great program in which we’ll deal with wonderful innovators and experts from every part of the world. Can’t wait to start 🙂

  7. Dalia Younis says:

    Congrats to all the Expert educators. Looking forward to share my experience inside our interactive yet modest class rooms!
    See you in Barcelona.

  8. Jennifer Bevill says:

    Thank you, Microsoft PiL for giving us the amazing opportunity!


    I am very much excited and happy to be Part of this great successful wining Team, Hope we will meet together in Spain and going ahead with a tremendous Result for Microsoft . Thanks and Regards

  10. Thank you Anthony….so thrilled to be part of the Expert Educator program, see you in Barcelona!

  11. I am so thrilled and excited to be a part of this 25o expert educators. I thank almighty and Microsoft for making my dream real. I can’t mention what i feel now…so excited!

  12. ANUTOSH DEB says:

    I am very thrilled and equally excited to be among the chosen few and be a part of the Global community of Teachers. Thank you Microsoft for recognizing my work and involvement with ICT in Teaching Learning for over a decade now. Feels good to be a Microsoft Expert Educator! Thank you Microsoft India for the great support!
    See you in Barcelona, Spain!

  13. Sangeeta Shukramani says:

    I am very excited to be a part of this excellent program. It is a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the innovative educators of the world. Thank You Microsoft for providing such an excellent platform.

  14. Saara Suaib says:

    I am very excited to be one of these excellent educators. I am also proud of my students. Thanks for Microsoft to make this happen. Thanks Anthony and see you all soon.

  15. Dentila says:

    Great pleasure meeting other educators and be in Barcelona!!! :)) Thanks again for the opportunity!!!

  16. Champa says:

    I am happy and excited to be selected as one of the Expert Educators.Thanks for Microsoft Partners in Learning Programme , for this kind of great teacher evaluation and appreciation.

  17. Rodica Matei says:

    Thanks Microsoft for this opportunity, to meet in Barcelona the experts in education !!! Thank you Anthony for your great words !!!

  18. I am thrilled and excited to be a part of such a big family. Expecting many surprises and learning components from the Global forum 2014. The countdown makes me to shiver with expectation, driven with passion for education, i really want to experience the Edufestival ! Thanks Microsoft! Barcelona , here we come, See you very soon!

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