The Importance of Technology in Education

Technology in the field of education can be a powerful tool. Let’s discover 5 benefits of tech in education!


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4 Responses to The Importance of Technology in Education

  1. Shirley Burrill says:

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  2. Meenakshi Saini says:

    Amazing article & presentation of the same in less words.

  3. Meenakshi Saini says:

    We live in a dynamic world surrounded by almost endless amounts of information. Riding the coattails of information is all of the technology we have at our fingertips. I think any level-headed educator would agree that children must be able to use technology to be competitive in the workplace after graduation. With all the trends and advancements in technology no one can argue that we will go backwards from here. I don’t foresee technology replacing passionate teachers educating their students. I simply see it as an important tool to help the education process and prepare students for the future.

    After reading this article even I felt like sharing my experience of an app named “Flinnt” which works on the concept of sharing communication & information with parents & students with a very easy & user friendly interface. It can be accessed through computer/laptop/tab/phones. Tutorials for teachers,admin,parents & students are their on you tube which makes the process very easy at any point of time & Flinnt’s twitter handle is very engaging as it keeps on sharing best practices for the teachers.

    This application was introduced in my college before 6 months & it has made our college go total paperless. Each & every happening, communication or information is being shared with the students & parents on “Flinnt”. We keep parents well informed about what is going in the class & the happenings of the school like any competitions, annual functions, exams, report cards distribution, vacations, etc.

    For students we share all the study material, assignement, projects, homework, quiz, etc on “Flinnt”, keeping in mind the recent news,current affairs or recent activities happening in the world. With developing the interest through this , we even try to generate knowledge in them.Even if a student is absent for some time than his/her studies dont get affected as they get all the details about the college from Flinnt.

    The educational institutes of 10 years ago looks very different from today because of which application like “Flinnt” is needed & such innovative platforms should be encouraged. Also, students are being inundated with technology at a very young age. The transition has already begun which you can even see in the experiences of others on

  4. Stephen says:

    As per my experience as the owner of I would like to include some lines for technology in education. We all know that we are living in a world which becomes so dependent on technology. we all prefer to use technology, apps , internet etc in our life in various ways. And this time technology is playing very important role in education As like any one can teach to any student around the world \with the help oh technology. technology makes communication very easy. Also there are so many mobile apps are available that are very helpful in education.

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