“We’re looking at the way we teach, the way students learn and the way leaders lead. It’s a movement.” – Max Drummy, Australia

When we first spoke to Daily Edventures alum Max Drummy in 2012, he talked a good deal about the value of a holistic approach to education – not only embedding ICT in classrooms, but shifting pedagogies to support 21st century learning. At that time, Drummy, a Microsoft Innovative Teacher, was working on a pilot project in 16 Tasmanian schools and colleges to facilitate the meaningful use of ICT in both learning and school culture. Since launching in 2011, the So What?Project has made a significant impact on education in Drummy’s native Australia.

When I reconnected with Drummy last month at the London BETT Show, he shared his excitement about a similar project with global scope: The New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Partnership. This ambitious project, of which Microsoft is a proud sponsor, aims to affect systemic change, scaling best practices in schools worldwide. And with 1,000 schools already participating, they’re off to an impressive start. Drummy, along with other Daily Edventures alumni, including project leader Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy, are key players in the partnership, with Drummy serving as co-cluster leader in Australia.

Drummy says of the partnership, “We’re looking at the way we teach, the way students learn and the way leaders lead. It’s a movement.” The goal, says Drummy, is to “diffuse this practice through schools, through parents and through communities so that we can affect change to education that is bigger than the thousand schools currently participating.”

In today’s Daily Edventure, Drummy talks about the evolution of technology in education, and what he has learned on the journey so far. According to Drummy, “Ten years ago, devices were still shiny, attractive and new. [Today], we understand and acknowledge that quality teaching is the critical element to system success, so we must act to embrace technology as an amplifier, connector and enabler within that quality teaching.”

I hope you enjoy our conversation with Max Drummy, and be sure to check out @NewPedagogies on Twitter for the latest updates on this game-changing program.

 About Max Drummy, Professional Learning Leader
Tasmania, Australia
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Current residence: Launceston, Tasmania
Education: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Graduate Certificate in Education (Grad Cert Ed. Leading with ICT) Master of Education (M. Ed. School Leadership)

Person who inspires me most: Jamie Oliver. Yes, I enjoy good food, but Jamie has made a huge impact thinking locally and acting globally. His tenacity, willingness to stretch commitment to extraordinary levels, and work to scale effective and influential initiatives inspires me.

Favorite childhood memory: Sailing and swimming with dolphins in Lake Victoria, Gippsland, Australia. In a sleepy, brackish, bush haven backwater, I spent many hours on the water in wooden kayaks and mirror sailboats dad and I built in our garage for the school camp, which he managed part time. I am so thankful that the concepts of OH&S and the notion of educational litigation had not really surfaced in Australia, because I am sure that the things we did back then would not even be tabled as possibilities today!

Favorite book: The Hobbit, and then the Lord of the Rings Trilogy grabbed me at about 12, and haven’t relinquished their hold! Professionally, Jim Collins’ Good to Great floored me! It initially drew together so many threads from both professional reading and personal experience, and now continues to provoke and provide models and frameworks that scaffold the learning and leadership programs and opportunities I am involved in developing and delivering.

Favorite music: Anything with a shade of the Blues – from Adele and Etta James to (Aussie icons) Cold Chisel, Buddy Guy and Deep Purple!

Your favorite quote or motto: “If we always do what we’ve always done….we’ll get what we’ve always got (sic).”  -Anthony Robbins. Enough said – now Just Do It.

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