Social Media for Teaching and Learning

Since 2009, Pearson has been researching faculty use of social media. As a learning company that promotes the effective use of technology, Pearson is acutely aware of how important it is to understand these emerging media, the opportunities they offer to higher education faculty, and how their adoption can evolve—and is evolving—teaching and learning in higher education.

Check out results from the Pearson/Babson survey on social media in the infographic below:

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10 Responses to Social Media for Teaching and Learning

  1. Anna says:

    There are of course, umpteen number of benefits of Social Media in the field of education. Students and specially, educationists need to figure out how to extract the maximum benefits from the highly potent medium.

  2. Mukesh says:

    Social media is now become integral source for everything. Through social channel we can easily arrange any meeting, webinars, group discussion and many more activities.

  3. Yes, now in the current age of social media the info-graphic is the best way to explain.

  4. Wendy says:

    Off-course Social Media is the best way of branding & user-engagement.

  5. Riya says:

    The info-graphic representation of social media is very good. The Social media in Education play great role.

  6. EssayMaxi says:

    What a wonderful infografic! Will share it on my blog with your active link.

  7. SpyPhoneMax says:

    Great infografic! Social media is the greatest web trend!

  8. Julian Mario says:

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