Skype in the Classroom and the Extraordinary Lesson

This video is just one of many examples of the inspiring learning experiences being created everyday around the world through the Skype in the classroom teacher community.  Through a partnership with the team at GOOD, Skype enabled Founder and Chief Shoe Giver at TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, to have an inspiring conversation with a group of students from Lake Stevens High School.


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One Response to Skype in the Classroom and the Extraordinary Lesson

  1. I make active use of Skype in the classroom. My students fell in love with Virtual Field Trips. They are eager to travel every day!!
    When we use Skype in the classroom, students don’t want to leave the classroom!!!
    Some years ago, I would have never dreamt about this!!!
    I never thought my teaching experience, would have reached this level of being a part of an awesome global community!!!

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