Microsoft Imagine Cup Winner: Brainy Studio, Games Category

Last week’s Imagine Cup World Finals competition did not disappoint, with all the thrills and excitement you’d expect from a gathering of some of the world’s most inventive and talented young people. Winners of the competition stood out, not just because of the amazing apps they created, but because of the serious thought they put into how their projects could make a difference in the world. 

I had the pleasure of getting an up-close look at some of the participants and their work, resulting in some high-energy conversations we plan to share over the coming weeks on Daily Edventures. Today’s talk is with Games competition winner Brainy Studio, who were awarded $50,000 and a trip to PAX Boot Camp for their TurnOn game. Team participants Evgeniy Romin (team lead and game designer), Ilya Antonov (digital artist), Nikita Galkin and Alexander Frolov attended the Perm National Research Polytechnic University in Perm, Russia. Their app, which should appeal to student gamers worldwide, tells the story of an electrical spark named Turnon who aims to restore electricity to a city after a power outage.

The team was inspired by Earth Hour, the global event that asks everyone to turn off their lights for one hour to highlight the importance of energy conservation. Brainy Studio asked the question: “What would happen if electricity disappeared?” — and responded with TurnOn, where users control a live character who’s delivering an important message. Windows 8-based TurnOn features strong storytelling, beautiful graphics and an immersive soundtrack, and the app has already won numerous national awards in Russia.

This was the team’s second experience at Imagine Cup, having earned a national win in 2013 for Witchcraft, an adventure game about a witch named Rudgrid. As you’ll see in the video, they’re enthusiastic supporters of their creation, and they took full advantage of the Imagine Cup experience to gain inspiration from teams from around the globe.  Join me in congratulating Russia’s Team Brainy Studio on their impressive win, and enjoy today’s Daily Edventure.



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