“Improving education is the best thing that could happen to humankind.” – Flipped.uy, Uruguay

One of my favorite things about interviewing students is that they are not shy about telling you what is working for them in their education, and what isn’t. That is certainly the case with the Imagine Cup students from Flipped.uy from Uruguay, whom I interviewed during the Imagine Cup World Finals.

“As students we suffered during our university life,” says Felipe Coirolo, one of the four members of Flipped.uy.  “We would go to classrooms feeling that we were misusing our time.” Then, says Coirolo, they discovered Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and education technology became their passion – specifically, the Flipped Classroom.

Coirolo, along with Nicolas Saul, José Chiarino, and Mariano San Andrea – all computer science students – created Flipped, a cloud-powered platform designed to create, host and distribute online courses, most specifically for Flipped Classroom and team-based learning use.

Flipped is platform agnostic, allowing students and educators to access the platform from any device.  Students can use the course content at their own pace, and also engage with in-class activities. Teachers get real-time feedback from their students’ performance, and can focus on concepts where students need more support. They can also easily create courses using tools that already exist.

The team from Flipped.uy has bold plans to change the way classrooms operate – and as with so many of the Imagine Cup participants, I can’t wait to see what successes these passionate and driven students have ahead of them. Please join me in congratulating Flipped.uy on their work at the 2014 Imagine Cup, and their efforts to improve learning for their fellow students.

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